We are all in this thing together

Good morning family! I woke up, i’m grateful. I am more fortunate than some living right here in my own city. My actions are not dictated by a curfew or the sounds of bomb above. I am safe, which is more than I can say for some of my brothers and sisters in “the land of the free”. I said brothers and sisters because we are bound through our humanity. Through troubled times comes smoother waters, our history dictates that. Going through it seems insurmountable, unbelievable and terribly scary because it is – however this too shall pass and my hope, wish, and prayer is that the issues we are all suffering from locally and globally not only give us time to pause, reflect, and make positive changes but to realize that we all know better and can do better. No one’s God is above anyone else’s, no has the right to be treated differently because of race, gender or status … but you see some people still don’t get that, and well change is gonna come.
What can we do, seemingly so far removed … we are in these things together… profiling happens right here everyday we’ve seen the recent case of or brother and friend Farid Reason Charles make the news…as it should have – to serve as a recent reminder that this and other unethical practices are not going to be pushed under the rug and forgotten about. But we, all of us can do something, to stand up and be counted. The real challenge isn’t to tell you what to do, but think outside of the box and stand for something.
I realize that more and more I’m looking at images, slanted by the media, and questioning that there’s more to the story. Think, don’t just accept what you see, recognize that we are in a time of change … which side will yo be on?
I suppose I’m being so altruistic because this weekend I was surrounded by happiness, great energy, uplifting music and people that i love and laugh with at ‪#‎MIRF‬ … in my own bubble and then read a news article, see an IG post or listen to the news and feel like WWIII is upon us … there has to be a better US. “We’re in this thing together, can’t we all just live as one” … I can go on and on, but the undeniable truth is we need to do better as a people and we can. That’s a challenge for you.:we are all in this thing together by Luciano \”

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