Find IT, Follow IT, Know IT Follow your passion

I’m sitting here watching a game changing Super Soul Sunday and know my time is now. I know this because there is a voice within me, deep in my soul that is willing to face the fear, break through the barriers and go for it. There is fear in us all, the real challenge is how you use that fear; does it motivate you? Does it silence you? Does it scare you enough to intrigue you to go for it? I thought I was before but the fear took over me. Parts of me still do and probably always will. I am at peace with that. That’s the difference; I have succumbed to the understanding that the fear is normal, natural, real and graceful. Listening to Oprah and Iyanla can’t be a coincidence, it was necessary for me to hear, and I mean really hear that I have to surrender to the path that is destined for me. And in the surrender I am fully awake, aware, mindful and ready. The fear is gone, the work is ready to be put in and my destiny is waiting to be fulfilled.

We all have IT. IT, is different for us all. We can’t turn IT off though, we need to feed IT. We may try to silence IT but IT is louder and more powerful than anything or anyone. It is your job to listen to yourself, know what your IT is and feed that love, that passion, that desire that will bring you joy, happiness, grace, humility and above all else, purpose.
I know what my IT is, I have for as long as I have known myself. My secret career, my make believe life in my mind that brought me such joy that I could taste it, visualize myself and really see myself as an agent for positive change. Just by being me. So I have worked for years about not just knowing about authenticity, striving to be authentic in everything I do. It hasn’t been easy; the fear of reaching my goals many times kept me at bay. My make believe fantastic life slowly began to become my reality. You see, I know that my happiness isn’t defined by money, and never has been. I worked on my truth, owing my power and pushing forward even when no one believed in me, at times that was myself. Listening to my heart, my gut and my intuition. Finding my saving grace in God.
Finding God. It sounds romantic, it sounds powerful, it sounds empowering and it sounds humbling. It is all of those things combined and more. Listening to my intuition and closing my eyes seeing in my mind’s eye clearly that I am on the right path. Knowing that God has a hand on my shoulder guiding me and teaching me and helping me along this windy road called life has been not only my saving grace but my north star. It dawned on me that I hadn’t been as graceful to God and grateful for what I already had, because I was so caught up on what I didn’t have and wanted, I didn’t see what was in front of me, in my grasp, and bestowed to me. IT finally hit me that my grace led me to a peace within that was willing to face the fear, be authentic and honest, things that were once challenging I was now free to practice. The honesty I speak of isn’t set up to hurt anyone – it’s really about me, looking at things for what they are and not romanticizing the scenario. I began to practice honest in my life and my thoughts and manifest truthful outcomes. Being positive mixed with being real and honest has led me to where I am today. Willing to try new things, ask for help, freely give love to myself and those around me and accepting that I will continue to walk freely to my destiny. I am grateful to God for letting me be free and surrendering to what is to come. For the fear to be enough to scare me to keep trying but not so potent that it paralyzes me. I am ready for IT, are you?

Believe in yourself. Know your value. Understand your worth. Find your path. Let God guide you. Let IT happen”>

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