Plunge into Spring!

While this might seem like the longest winter ever, I promise you the end is near. It has to be after all. March is upon us and spring will be sprung in just a few short weeks. With that said, I know many of us are transitioning as the buds are beginning to show on our trees, the days are getting longer and unconsciously our minds are wheeling and starting to bloom about contracts, new transitions, new employment opportunities our very own defined version of where we want to be is abuzz. I say, go with it – don’t challenge it, listen to it. Take a minute to jot down your thoughts, see the possibilities in making your dreams come together. You never know, playing it safe may not be in your cards – taking a deep breath and plunging into the risk that you have always said “one day” to might just be here. You won’t ever know what you’re missing out on if you don’t give it a go.
Now, I am by no means encouraging you to leave things high and dry and leave your responsibilities – but make space for the things you love. Incorporate something that brings you meaning to your already packed day and see if it’s possible to juggle that plus your responsibilities. Maybe you can let something go that you don’t need to keep on doing- delegate the task to someone else possibly, or do something that makes you smile.
Try that out and give it a real go; don’t forget it takes 3 weeks for a habit to form, so try making space to do something you like for a month. It can be fitness related a passion of yours; landscaping, music, dance, art, doing something for yourself, meditating…anything. And if, no sorry when you start this week, you will be marrying those ideas with forming a habit of releasing the thoughts manifesting into your reality and seeing it come to fruition as spring rolls in.
How nice to welcome the newness of spring with the knowledge that you have tried something new. It can be a new chapter to your own autobiography. And the best part of this chapter is that you are taking control of how it is written. Take charge, do something that ignites you and see how it goes. I for one would love to hear how it goes!
Don’t forget, if you’re having nightmares – don’t stop dreaming.

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