who runs the world … GIRLS!!

Happy international Woman’s day.  This message is for you
beautiful young, amazing, vulnerable, talented girls …. You are privileged to
be the fruit of the world.  Without you,
there is nothing. You are the future mothers, teachers and guides of how our
world evolves.  Many doors have been opened
for you, for us all by trail blazers that didn’t take no for an answer, didn’t
see limits or boundaries.  Loved
limitlessly, and without apology so we can be here today; able to vote, work, and
go to school and until the level of education that we chose to attend to.  We are able to love whomever we chose, have
children in or out of wedlock, with a same sex partner, interracial partner,
someone of a different religion or part of the world.  We do not know in the free world what real
suffering is.  We don’t know what the
true hardships have been and the injustices that we endure in comparison are incomparable.

Take this, being a female in today’s day and age, this minute, moment, year and be
grateful,  show your appreciation to the
ladies that have come before you and have withstood some things that we will never
know outside of history lessons.  So give
thanks.  Do memorable things, think
forwardly and know that you have the milestones, lashes, limitless bravery,
unconditional love and support of every woman before you to life you up, to be
the wind beneath your wings and always routing for you.  You, however ladies, understand that the
responsibility is yours to do something memorable with your life.  Be an agent for positive change – don’t let their
hard work go in vain.  Don’t do the
things that some girls do, be better, rise above and know only what support feels
like, not the opposite.  Don’t subject to
the mean girls society, instead participate actively in making your world a
better place, no matter how big or small.
Recognize that you are able to do whatever you put your mind to and
reach for the stars and never ever step in the way of someone else’s dreams.

Be diligent, be bold and take pride in your actions.  Young girls you are the key to our future…
hold your head up, know that you are a diamond and should be treated as a
precious as you are.  Don’t give up
quickly, don’t give out without thinking, and listen to your intuition, and
don’t silence it – that is your guide, hone in on that.  Know that how you treat yourself others will
mirror, so be kind to yourself and to others.

Ladies, for this international women’s day, I wish you peace, prosperity the ability to
make your dreams come to fruition and love.
Love for yourself, for others and your actions.  I have faith in you … do you have faith in
yourself.   To the older ladies, you are
role models, mothers, older sisters, cousins – you never know who is looking up
at you.  Do your part to uplift our
girls.  If you were wronged that doesn’t mean
that you have to play the victim, teach a lesson by not extending the olive
branch so that other women can have a harder time navigating a situation.  Be strong, be brave and learn from your
mistakes so that they are lessons and not patterns.  Know your worth and recognize that a rose is
still a rose no matter if it’s in a field or concrete jungle.

Sisters, its time to take accountability for our selves, actions and needs.  Living a life in a fictitious reality TV
setting isn’t helping our girls, or yourself.
You are capable, and more so ladies it’s alright to tell someone that
you need help.  You don’t need to bear
everything, but you do need to toe your own line.  You know that there is a fine balance- find
it and strive for your greatness.

I salute every woman that has helped me see the light, pave the way so I can use my
voice and for the bravery for showing me that its ok to use my voice.  I am grateful, humbled and honored today and
every day to be a woman, strong, passionate, capable, loving, intelligent and
on my grind to be the best me possible.

Happy Woman’s Day…with love from a sister, daughter, friend … from me, Zee.



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